Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is my second day of fasting...A must because i promised to God that if i get good results i'm going to have to fast for a whole cumulative month!wow..God is so great..knowing that you promised him, Insya-Allah..he will make your wish come true..Yet still people don't know how to appreciate his gift of life.But you will have to sacrifice something in order to gain something right..

Or not there won't be balance...

Furthermore, by fasting..slowly and bit by bit i get to reduce my weight! =D
Cant wait to wear that size 33 pants again...damn them for calling me BARBESOR!!!ahahaha...
Just wait and see...hehehe...

Fasting also improves overall health..It was said so itself in the Quran. =D It cleanses the body from toxin and other useless body substance which accumulates and damages our body system.In addition to cleaning body from toxin, it passively improves blood circulation too. =)

hahaha...enough of that..the point is right now, I'm hungry!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Semester.. New Resolution..

A lot have happened in the past 6 months u know..And i bet all of you are dying to hear bout it..
This semester was filled with so much hard work and colored with smiles and is a list of what i'm gonna talk about.. weeeeee!

Hahaha..those are just roughly some of them.

lets talk bout each one of them..The first was finalist for BEL 260 and BEL311 public speaking that was an exhilarating experience. On the first round, i don't even have any idea just how fun it was to show your influence when you're talking.It shows how much power your charisma can affect others.It was a great experience.The second round was pretty easy and i toppled everyone in that stage. Heehehe.. But the finals, wow...they were all on the different stage compared to me.I cant imagine how were they able to get to be that good.But again i tried so hard to win the judges' attention but it was something so hard to achieve...
I lost in the finals..but no matter..i got the consolation prize...RM50 and a certificate...who wouldn't want that??????

Getting blamed for can i say this time i felt so betrayed...But its fated that on that fateful day, i was to be blamed..the amount was RM500!!can you believe that!!!my roommates and toilet mates were blaming me.I don't know how can they think that i was stealing their money.All the transport students were there.And while i was getting blamed for everything.they all kept quiet and i felt so alone and betrayed..Even the warden was called to solve the problem..But they couldn't quite prove that i was the culprit and i know myself..i wouldn't steal from my friends..After that incident..they ostracized me..alienation just like school kids.They wouldn't even meet eyes with me...But after a few weeks, we settled the problem and continued like nothing happened.

Next is getting hands on experience with rugby!!!I bet this was the most unique experience among the others..ahahaha...The first day of training and that old man was training us like spartans!!!OMG!!!That old fool expect me to understand every shit he says.and what can i do. I didn't understand shit.In the end, he said that if we cant do simple things than he'd give an even simpler task...Run.Run till you drop.It was hell.Running around in zigzags until u can't run no more...My friend Ayep was so out of gas after training that he vomited and his legs were like jell-O... Then the next day was full contact training.I was tackled off the ground by some guy who's like 2 times larger than then..I amount of strength or speed can surpass sheer was sky blue for me....The first time being tackle and brought to my feet ever since i was always first time for everything.. =DD

This semester too, i gained new friends that i can really rely on...Especially Raje...He may look cowardly sometimes but he's the most trustworthy of all.He was always there to hear my whine bout everything that happened and i shared a lot with him.Then theres Ayep and his talk... Even though that i may not believe everything he said..but he sometimes really want people to believe and without realizing it, i believed him. =) But i don't care bout that.whats important is that whenever problems arise..he's the first one to be there to help.And i'm so thankful to that.hope i can rely on him in the future...Then there Akil from Shah Alam.met him during driving lessons.that guy is just hilarious...Simply simple with his over the top jokes.damn.

During these past few months too...I got to explore so much bout KL...The good side and also the flip side of it.It seemed so good on the outside but if we get to know the inner parts..I'm sure you'll see the corruption within.So much bribery, prostitution and lack of morality..Its very easy to see.But you must not let it affect you.

Then theres the studying part...Fuh...Alhamdulillah that i got to do accountings and mathematics really well.I've never gotten A for my mathematics and accountings but yet this year..I got to feel the sweetness of A for maths n thats achievement..getting praised by lecturer is something everyone wants once in while right?Marketing...English...Religious studies...i overcame it all through hard work and i'm glad it all work out..The mid terms...was alright but i faced some problems during the finals but i pulled through...

During this semester break, i was able to go for driving class. And it was great!!!Getting to drive a car for the first time is kinda frigghtening and also tell the truth..i ain't gonna be driving a manual car any more!!!!dang.. the hill...side parking...makes me feel like its hard!!

Maybe thats enough for now..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life Goes On..

As the day goes by...I kept getting worse n worse..But what can i do..Life still have to move on right?Even if it hurts me like a ton of bricks..But i'll go on living..Living so strong that people won't notice the scars that i'm carrying..Living so strong so that I can give the will for others to live on with me..Living so strong that people around me will know..that i'm here for them and will always be there..Maybe i'm dying inside, but don't worry..I'll pull through..Allah is rich..maybe all this has a meaning..I'll try living optimistically..Maybe at a point in my life..I'll understand,why all this happen and also keep going without turning back to see fix the puzzle that has already lost its most important piece..You..

Heck..I think I'll be even stronger from now on..Although not quickly,but bit by bit...I'm pulling myself together gain..If there's "rezeki" maybe someday it may spark again for us to be together but for now...Let fate decide my paths...Thanks people for hearing what i had to say for the past few weeks...Enjoy todays song ok peeps..