Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life Goes On..

As the day goes by...I kept getting worse n worse..But what can i do..Life still have to move on right?Even if it hurts me like a ton of bricks..But i'll go on living..Living so strong that people won't notice the scars that i'm carrying..Living so strong so that I can give the will for others to live on with me..Living so strong that people around me will know..that i'm here for them and will always be there..Maybe i'm dying inside, but don't worry..I'll pull through..Allah is rich..maybe all this has a meaning..I'll try living optimistically..Maybe at a point in my life..I'll understand,why all this happen and also keep going without turning back to see fix the puzzle that has already lost its most important piece..You..

Heck..I think I'll be even stronger from now on..Although not quickly,but bit by bit...I'm pulling myself together gain..If there's "rezeki" maybe someday it may spark again for us to be together but for now...Let fate decide my paths...Thanks people for hearing what i had to say for the past few weeks...Enjoy todays song ok peeps..