Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wow.. I never realized that the last time i opened this blog was like one year ago. A lot of things to share, a lot of things to keep into my memories. I missed all those moments back when i was still a middle school student. Now that i'm done with my diploma, i started to read back what i wrote in this blog a few years ago.  And i was like WOW!Hahaha.. every year i changed and changed and still this blog keeps me the way i am. The way that i don't remember how i was even if i did try to remember those times. But still, i kept this blog moving on cause i know SHE will still read this time to time. Take it as a memory between us that i never threw away no matter what :)

Now to move on to the next step of my life. I've been through primary school as a young boy, Middle school as an adolescent, a young adult at college and now, hope so an adult to start my life. So many people met, some are friendly, some are just downright evil and vile. Just putting on their mask to cover their true intentions and feelings. To tell u guys the truth.. School, College and real life are so different.. U never know where these people will strike u from. All u have is just trust n experience to guide you.

In addition to that, the stress from work..OMG. even the simplest of jobs can get u stressed. Getting scolded by customers, boss..All that is just for your breakfast at work. LOL. Kinda missed the old care free me. Where i just play hooky to skip stressful situations, switch off my phone to avoid confrontation, or go to a cybercafe and just kick the living hell out of zombies in left 4 dead. Real life is not a fairy tale story..Its the real deal, that i kept reminding all the juniors that i know to be ready. Cause if u keep being like how i was, which is care free, in the end you'll be the one regretting it. I did regret what i did but i pick up the pieces. :)

Well, i think that is enough of my random ramblings for one day..See u people someday.. I will be back to update this again. :)