Monday, December 1, 2008

First Time n First Step

For today is my first ever blog....I'd like to say dat all this while,i had been playing around..
i want anyone who reads my blog will get to learn something out of my life..
haha..enough of this crap..
my name is Zulfirdaus Bin Md Zain n i came from a family of 5 person..
lives in Bandar Sunway n evrything had been going smoothly except 4 my past..
waiting 4 SPM jobless(for now)...
not single n in a serious relationship...Please have fun reading my blogs..
any mistakes or anyone offended wit my posts, give constructive critism..any foul language will not be tolerated!
haha.....Anyway....Welcome to the "RoAD To SwEEt ViCtoRY"!
This 4 you baby!


Anonymous said...

english zul boleh tahan
meh jadi cikgu faeza, haha.

link me in ur blog kay :)